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Often listed among the greatest film comedies, it ranks 31st on AFI's list of the top feature films in American cinema, fourth on their list of top comedy films and number 28 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies".

Film critic Roger Ebert called it "just about everyone's favorite Woody Allen movie".

Annie Hall was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival in March 1977, before its official release on April 20, 1977.

The pair discussed the project on alternate days, sometimes becoming frustrated and rejecting the idea.However, on the return trip, they agree that their relationship is not working.After losing her to her record producer, Tony Lacey, he unsuccessfully tries rekindling the flame with a marriage proposal.Alvy's voice returns with a summation: love is essential, especially if it is neurotic.Annie sings "Seems Like Old Times" and the credits roll.

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They eventually break up, and he searches for the truth of relationships, asking strangers on the street about the nature of love, questioning his formative years, and imagining a cartoon version of himself arguing with a cartoon Annie portrayed as the Evil Queen in Snow White.

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