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It stung but what was really strange, is that I knew I wasn’t crazy about him but while I was feeling indignant, I did wonder why I didn’t get the title of girlfriend and was essentially angry with him for not giving me a title that I didn’t actually want.Straight off the bat you can learn two things from my experiences: 1) A title is really only as good as the relationship you’re in and, 2) Sometimes you want the title just for the sake of your ego.When they say crap like ‘Why have we got to go around labelling stuff? ’ he’s telling you ‘I don’t want to be pigeon holed into saying this relationship is something that at a later date I may find it difficult to get out of.I want you to go with the flow so that you never know where you stand and I never feel responsible’ This explains why I get emails from women telling me that they’re in a booty call but asking if they’re the girlfriend or whether they can be upgraded to girlfriend.title ‘girlfriend’ and it wasn’t enough for him to tell me bullshit like he considered us to be boyfriend and girlfriend.When we were together, I was constantly looking for validation that I was equally, if not more important (lunacy I know) and wanted our relationship to be ‘bagged and tagged’.But here’s the truth of it: If you have to demand a title or you’re not happy with the one you’ve been given, you’ve got problems.

It’s like when you overhear someone talking about you and you go back and pretend you haven’t heard a damn thing.

He’s not keeping it a secret, there is no secret this or secret that – you are out in the open and official by association.

When a man wants to be with you, he’s not going to keep the status of the relationship a secret from you.

– Taking the glass is half full mentality to a whole new level.

Just because someone moves in with you, doesn’t actually make them committed, especially if they’re still screwing around behind your back. You’re two different people and you have no idea how committed he was to her.

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