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Lire aussi « J’essaie tous les jours de passer en Angleterre » Au verrouillage des frontières terrestres s’ajoute un autre mur, immense espace maritime et mortel : la Méditerranée.

Depuis janvier, plus de 2 500 personnes ont péri en tentant de traverser la mer pour rallier l’Europe.

They found bones of a sea fish (ray), and parts of a necklace of stones that were not from the area and were probably brought from Pohorje or the Drava Valley (now in northeastern Slovenia).

This was also considered the world's oldest at the time, but it later provoked much controversy.

Some sources say that the oldest images of the wheel originate from the Mesopotamian city of Ur - which some believe was the site of the biblical flood - and were supposed to date sometime from 4000 BC; yet no such old wheel has ever been found there.

The wheel found in the remains of a pile-dwelling settlement, has a radius of 70 centimetres and is five cm thick. The wheel is surprisingly technologically advanced, made of two ashen panels of the same tree.

"This find will not change what we know about wheels and their use in history," Velušček explained.

According to him, what is more surprising in history is that records show that wheels appeared almost simultaneously in Mesopotamia and Europe.

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