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Full Q&A with Greta Gerwig The Man Who Invented Christmas, PG Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) is good fun as Charles Dickens stricken with writer’s block in this film about how he produced A Christmas Carol in six weeks flat. 13, steals the show as Scrooge, serving in this story as a bitter figment of Dickens' imagination.Plummer uses his immense, winged eyebrows and baggy, malevolently narrowed eyes to great effect.Even more transfixing is Allison Janney, 58, who manages to portray Tonya’s spectacularly awful mom, La Vona Golden (“Nice gets you nowhere,” she says), as the ultimate survivor whose iron will feeds on bile without reducing her to a cartoon.FULL REVIEW Lady Bird, R Lady Bird is one rare bird — the best-reviewed film of all time on Rottentomatoes, rated a perfect 100 percent by 170 critics.When each family’s young hero returns from WWII and the veterans bond with each other across the race divide, Pappy isn’t happy.FULL REVIEW Murder on the Orient Express, PG-13 Why would director Kenneth Branagh try to beat Sidney Lumet’s beloved 1974 version (or David Suchet’s 2010 TV version) of this classic tale?—Garrett Schaffel Darkest Hour, PG-13 Gary Oldman is brilliant and a sure Oscar contender in this role as the despised oddball responsible for the Gallipoli disaster of World War I who later rises exhilaratingly to the occasion as the man who beat Hitler: “We shall never surrender!” His Winston Churchill is volatile, mumbling, bellowing, sozzled, amusing and amused, tormenting and tortured.

Besides being the first great Pixar movie about Hispanics, Coco is the best film about Alzheimer’s since Marjorie Prime and Away From Her.

The Ballad of Lefty Brown, R Sporting silly muttonchops and muttering self-deprecatingly, Bill Pullman, who turns 64 Sunday, is a lovable buffoon named Lefty Brown in this western that honors the classics.

Nobody takes Lefty seriously, but when his boss (Peter Fonda), the first senator from Montana in 1889, gets shot by a rustler, he gets the revenge job done — despite wicked conspirators who pin the senator’s murder on him.

Richard Jenkins, 70, charms as the self-doubting best friend who helps the lovers escape.

The bad guys are a bit cliched, but you’ve never seen a film with the drifty, incredibly dreamy look of this masterpiece.

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