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The class ID of Ora OLEDB is // create an instance of Ora OLEDB data source object and // obtain the IDBInitialize interface hr = Co Create Instance(CLSID_Ora OLEDB, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IDBInitialize, (void**)&p IDBInitialize); After the successful creation of an instance of a data source object, the consumer application can initialize the data source and create sessions.

Ora OLEDB supports connections to Oracle Databases releases.

Consumers should use the property over the attribute, as the property can be set at the command object rather than at the session. Command Type = ad Cmd Text ' Enabling the PLSQLRSet property indicates to the provider ' that the command returns one or more rowsets obj Cmd. Get Emp Records() has a REF CURSOR as ' one of the arguments obj Cmd. Create Parameter("pr Ename", ad BSTR, ad Param Input, , "Joe") obj Cmd. Command Text = "INSERT INTO EMP (EMPNO, ENAME) VALUES (? Properties("NDatatype") = FALSE , to fetch the parameter list of the stored procedure prior to execution. Properties("SPPrms LOB") = TRUE ' Assume the Stored Procedure requires a CLOB parameter obj Cmd. Execute ' It is a good idea to disable the property after execute as the ' same command object may be used for a different SQL statement obj Cmd. statements by caching the metadata during the initial statement execution.

By setting it at the command object, the consumer is able to set the property only for the command object executing stored procedures which are returning rowsets. Command Text = "" ' Execute the SQL set obj Res = obj Cmd. The use of this property limits the processing overhead to stored procedures having one or more LOB data type parameters. Properties("SPPrms LOB") = FALSE connection string attribute to a value greater than zero. Command Text = "SELECT * FROM EMP" ' "SELECT * FROM EMP" statement would be added to the statement cache because ' Stmt Cache Size connection string attribute value is greater than 0 and ' Add To Stmt Cache property value is TRUE by default. Execute ' Do not add "SELECT * FROM DEPT" to the statement cache obj Cmd. Properties("Add To Stmt Cache") = FALSE ' "SELECT * FROM DEPT" statement would not be added to the statement cache obj Cmd. To use this feature, stored procedures or functions must be called in the ODBC procedure call escape sequence. Subsequent executions of the same statement can reuse the cached metadata information for better performance. Properties("Updatability") = 7 ' creates an updatable rowset Set Rst = cmd. When nonscalar column values are changed in a deferred update mode, the entire row is transmitted to the database as though the operation was in an immediate update mode. Cursor Location = ad Use Client 'ADO Client Cursor obj Rst. Open "My Ora Db", "scott", "tiger" Set p Date = obj Cmd. Command Text = _ "SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE HIREDATE interface when opening a rowset.

For setup and configuration information on Oracle Services for MTS, see (disabled). Create Parameter("pr Empno", ad Small Int, ad Param Input, ,8521) ' pr Ename is bound to a NVARCHAR2 column in the EMP table Set pr Ename = obj Cmd. Properties("NDatatype") = TRUE ' Assume column ENAME in table EMP is of NVARCHAR2 type obj Cmd. Execute ' It is a good idea to disable the property after execute as the same command ' object may be used for a different SQL statement obj Cmd. Create Parameter("pr CLOB", ad Long Varchar, ad Param Output, _ 10000) obj Cmd. Append pr CLOB ' Enabling the SPPrms LOB property indicates to the provider ' that one or more of the bound parameters is of LOB data type obj Cmd. Therefore, for running the same statement on different connections, you need to parse once for each connection and cache a separate cursor for each connection.function to create an instance of the data source object.This function requires important information about the provider: class ID of the provider and executable context.OLE DB Services can be used with Ora OLEDB through C /COM or ADO.By default, the For C /COM applications, some additional steps are needed to use OLE DB Services.

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