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Like Franklin Square House Foundation, ATASK is committed to providing women and families with quality housing and support services that will enable them to live productive and successful lives."Interning at ATASK had a significant impact on my college career and my view of the world.

I developed a passion and gained knowledge about an important issue.

I recognized that with the proper boundaries and training in place, going out could provide my teenager with some experiences better learned and better dealt with while under my roof and supervision.

Again, this is the system my husband and I feel works best in our home.

On the other hand, courtship seemed extreme to me, but as a mother of soon-to-be teens at the time, I could certainly see its merits. It didn't prove to have staying power among the majority of Christian teens and singles.

My guess is that it became clear to many that the odds of finding a suitor who embraced the same radical courtship ideals were highly unlikely.

While my son has had a few inconsequential girl relationships along the way, the majority of his high school years have been spent hanging out with his group of friends - both guys and girls.

While it is my preference that my own teenage kids hang out in groups, I am not opposed to them "going out" on occasion.

I've lost track of the current trend among Christians.

Should we encourage our teens to "kiss dating goodbye" or "give dating a chance? Girls pay their way; guys get their way, no strings attached. There are always emotional consequences for the girls. antidating) movement among Christians in the late 1990s was a response to the growing trend of hook-up that was all too common.

" There is, however, one thing that all ten of those Christians likely would agree on: Our culture's model of dating is not a healthy model for Christians. Whether a girl admits it or not, she wants to think she is important enough to merit a guy working up his nerve to ask her out, pick her up, pay her way, and hopefully, call her the next week. The antidating movement produced happy endings for some and disillusionment for others.

The LSO musicians, made of members from Boston's medical community, created a memorable experience, highlighted by a special piano performance from Charlie Albright.

The study participants, a racially/ethnically diverse group of 1,568, pregnant 13–18 year olds, reported why they had not used contraception at the time of conception.

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