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Parents/carers learn to relax with their babies and together develop confidence while enjoying musical games, songs and rhymes with a strong pulse.Tactile bouncing, songs, tickling and peekaboo games, lullabies, circle dances, rolling and seesaw activities all encourage babies to become aware of their bodies as they start to gain more control over their movements and to develop their language and communication skills through listening and hearing others sing.

All are designed to develop confidence between adult and infant and increase baby’s concentration.RHYTHM RASCALS: Year R & Year 1 children Rhythm Rascals start to link the Singing Rascals songs to the musical concepts we have previously explored, as well as beginning to consciously understand rhythm and pitch.They start to translate the rhythm of the songs into ‘bear language’ which then moves them towards reading musical notation.Music Kindergarten Classes Training begins in the Music Kindergarten where you can join your child on a wonderful adventure travelling to Musicland where they learn about the basic musical concepts such as high and low (pitch), loud and soft (dynamics), short and long (rhythm), mood and style (character), fast and slow (tempo) etc.Brittens Music Colourstrings Kindergarten aims to surround children with a positive, friendly and stimulating environment where they will have a multi-sensory and active musical experience through singing, listening, performing and accompanying with percussion instruments.

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DANCING RASCALS: 2 – 3 years These classes are for children between 2 and 3, or for 3 year olds new to Colourstrings wanting to spend some time in class with their parent to gain confidence before coming to class on their own.

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