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As she gets close, I stick two fingers right up into her, almost immediately finding her g-spot. Jazz and her twin cousins just graduated high school last year, and had been track stars on campus for the past few years.

After she'd graduated, she took up a job back home. Odds on, we'd run into some girls looking to fuck as it is, so we were optimistic about our chances. The moment all three of us were done with classes the Friday Spring Break started on, we were packed up and on the way down to PCB, arriving at our condo a little after nine that night.Which is exactly how we met the first group of girls we'd be having fun with this week.Right after breakfast Saturday morning, me and Devin went out on the balcony after putting on our swim shorts, while Brent was still inside getting ready himself.Each one seemed to have highlighted their hair a different color. He had those two blue eyed blonds hooked on him for weeks back then. Sure enough, all four girls are standing at the elevators, and they positively glow with welcoming smiles when we walk up to them.Hard to tell since they're sitting in the shadows, but one seems to have blue highlights that match her bikini- she's the tallest and darkest skinned girl, also has D cup boobs and the shortest hair. I get a funny feeling we weren't the only ones talking about who we wanted to cozy up to, and that great minds must really think alike.

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