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Well, in May 2004, I found that my husband was still at it on the internet, so I lowered the boom so to speak.

We loved our husbands; and we have survived and come out of this experience far stronger, wiser and closer friends - and we measure our friendship in decades, which is now at the top of the fourth!I made it through the holidays somehow, and am now facing my 11th yr of marriage next week.Bottom line Do not marry someone who was married to the same person.Therefore, with the experience of my dearest friend, Noel, as a guide, I am now the sole owner of our home, and everything contained therein - forget child support give me our daughter's home! He did not chose to fight me on this - Noel creamed Jack in court![A good ole Southern, Bible-belt Judge heard the case!

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Needless to say, she called me at work the next day (she found my work number on my husband's cell phone) and told me the terrible details of their affair... The thing that really hurt is she said that my husband told her he wanted her to have his baby (even though they were having protected sex) because I could have his child. For a long time after I had the twins, he continued to have the affair -- that was almost four years ago.

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