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My tongue was even in his mouth cleaning it so I could get every last drop. Harder and harder I went until I had the biggest orgasm of my life.

I then got down to my knees and started sucking the juice from his ass.

If you want to chat with girls only on Omegle, you can click here to find information on Omegle girls.It was flowing like a river I thought it would never stop.We then did the same kiss whilst stroking each others cocks and hugging on top of each other. My hand was also assisting me in the process to get him to cum. a minute of sucking and jacking to get his man juice from his balls to my mouth.There was so much I was having a bit of a hard time swallowing it. I dipped my finger into the jar and inserted it into his ass several times and spread it round the interior. I was opening the condom when he grabbed it and threw it away. Doing the same he did for me, I explored the rim with my tongue and hearing small moans of joy gave me a hint that I should just get in there!

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