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What I don't get is the guy shadowboxing in front of the dumbbells.

My gym has no boxing equipment, not even a place to jump rope, yet Rocky comes here three times a week to get ready for Apollo.

Believe me, not every girl is going crazy for this guy.

This is almost always on the bench press, where one guy loads the bar up and his friend helps him pull every rep after the second one.

The one who does something cheesy, and knows it (or should), yet keeps on doing it.

Once I started thinking about it, my mind drifted to the gym.

Lord help you if you want to bench when they're around. Sometimes I think he does it to meet chicks, but then I remember his stylin' headband and Richard Simmons-like build. Apparently, he learned everything he knows about gym attire from reading Flex... The bandana, clown pants, and shitkicker boots are bad enough, but it's the silly muscle T-shirts ("Fear This! I'm sure he feels ultra hardcore, but he looks like a tool.

This guy, for one reason or another, lives by the cable stack. I'm all for cardiovascular fitness, but I believe that unless it involves hittin' something, men do not belong in aerobic classes. 20 years ago, Right Tackle dominated the field on his high school football team.

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