Game updater by durka left 4 dead 2 updating

Also present are reaction events, events where something comes at you and you quickly have to make a choice in a few seconds at the risk of death or heavy injury.

While the game is the foundation of modern horror games (Resident Evil 1 started development as a remake of Sweet Home) it actually stands on its own as a fairly unique horror title.

Some of these are really unique, fantastic titles as well.

For those horror game junkies, we want to present 17 gems out there that are rather obscure or ended up being that game you heard about but never played, but are completely worth checking out.

If a character dies in the game, they are dead for good and there is no way to revive them.

Each character has special abilities like vacuuming and unlocking doors (though other characters can learn these abilities later into the game), their own inventory, health, stats, and levels that can be upgraded by gaining experience in battles.

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